Fewer people claiming at 62

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The word is getting out. Here is a recent article reporting on data that 10% less men and 8% less women are claiming as early as possible at 62. This is consistent with findings from another poll that will soon be released by Kiplinger that says more impending retirees intend to wait to receive more benefits. [...]

New numbers are just out on Social Security funding

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Well, the media has been calling me and asking for comments. If you did not see the announcement, I’ll post the press release below. The take-away is that the projected Social Security Trust fund is forecasted to be exhausted 3 years earlier than expected. Last year they said 2036 and now they say funds will run [...]

Books sell out after first day of Financial Planning conference

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Meyer and Reichenstein’s popular book, Social Security Strategies, was the first book to sell out at the National Financial Planning Association meeting in San Antonio, Texas. The popular book is in its third release and has been references are the primer and authoritative book on how to maximize benefits. You can source a copy from Amazon: [...]

New Research Released By Meyer and Reichenstein on Strategies for Singles

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New research on Social Security strategies for singles was released today in the Retirement Management Journal. This report complements Meyer and Reichenstein’s research on Social Security strategies and illustrates the knowledge and expertise that is the foundation of Social Security Solutions’ advice. The research extends previous knowledge that singles should only consider “breakeven” analysis. The work [...]